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Cross-Company Corporate Mentoring:

October 2022 – March 2023

Mentor  and Mentee Applications Closed!

Learn, develop, and grow with an external mentor or mentee for a 6-month partnership!

The Bringing Women Together (BWT) Mentorship program connects women and allies across the BWT network. This unique cross-organizational program allows for individuals to connect, learn and, grow both personally and professionally.

Benefits of our program

  • Paid for by the member organizations sponsorship (Telus, KPMG, Vancity)– which means it is completely free for the individual participants from our member companies!
  • Opportunity to build cross-company/cross-industry connections with women and allies.
  • Opportunity to engage with other mentors and mentees through our online SLACK group to create further connection across the network.

By applying to the program, you will be committing to:

  • 1 hour a month for 6 months
  • Attending mentorship related events

Mentors will give mentees an opportunity to discuss challenges so they can analyze and learn in a collaborative, constructive, and confidential environment. They will provide the perspective necessary for success while strengthening their leadership skills as they coach, motivate, and empower mentees.

Mentees will benefit from their mentors’ shared experiences and guidance, as they explore defined goals to reach success. Acting as the lead for co-ordinating meetings, setting goals, and outlining how the mentor can help, mentees have the opportunity to make use of our fantastic mentor’s time to best learn, develop, and grow!

Program Timelines:

  • Mentor application which will be available from August 2 – September 9.
  • Mentee application open August 22  – September 9.
  • Self select your mentors during the week of September 12-23.
  • Matching finalized October 1st.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our mentoring program Co-leads Shivoun Kumar and Sarah Nielsen at mentoring@bwtvancouver.com.