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Through sponsor company membership, we enhance existing professional women’s groups by:

Organizing educational and networking events for members around current topics on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


As a volunteer-run organization, we:

Provide a platform for open dialogue and knowledge share on workplace equality and diversity programs between sponsor companies.

Millennials meet executives


Sponsor company employees, and volunteers:

Gain unique professional growth and networking opportunities.

Learn new skills and ways of working, as well as gain access to industry leaders with diverse professional experience.

BWT Mentorship

Mentor & Mentee Applications Closed | 2022 Mentoring Program

Are you looking to volunteer in a mentoring position that produces the most impact? Or would you like guidance and mentorship from a seasoned professional? Bringing Women Together (BWT) is helping create cross-organizational relations for personal and professional development and support. Apply to become a:

  • Mentor, and lead the next generation of women to succeed
  • Mentee, and learn from the very best leaders across our network companies

Learn more here.


Our members are the heart of Bringing Women Together. We exists for them and because of them.

"As an early talent, I am always looking for opportunities to grow. Being involved with Bringing Women Together has been a great opportunity to develop different skillsets that cannot be developed through my job and to connect with other empowering women within and outside of SAP."

Eunice Cao SAP

"Bringing Women Together has allowed me to enhance my leadership skills, grow my network, and broaden my professional horizons; all while getting to know wonderful women across Vancouver."

Katrina Marquardt BC Hydro

"Bringing Women Together has been a great opportunity for me to expand my network both within and outside of SAP.“

Margaret Demelo SAP

"As an intern, volunteering for BWT was a great way to get more involved with SAP and learn about the other companies. It was the perfect opportunity to gain new skills and make new connections! "

Olivia Romalis SAP

"Bringing Women Together was exactly what I was looking for. A community of like minded women looking to change the world."

Katrina Heschel Vancity


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